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The Blackhawks have holes to fill on their list, especially among the attackers. And the general manager Stan Bowman reiterated that the team will look from within to fill them.

"The guys we have are those here, and our team will come from this group," said Bowman, who spoke to the media Tuesday. "We only had a few days of camp here, but it was a promising start. They are all full of energy, enthusiasm, knowing they have a chance to make the team. perhaps it was different from previous years when they looked at the tail and wondered where they could agree. And now they know there is a possibility that they can make the team if they pay well. That's what these games are going to be, from tomorrow we will have the opportunity to see how they play in a game setting. "

It is too early to tell where some of these younger players adapt; Patrick Kane has joined the camp on Tuesday and several other veterans Blackhawks Jersey were playing hockey World Cup are either still there or just back from Toronto. But Bowman liked what he saw from several perspectives. Some of them, including Nick Schmaltz, Tyler Motte and Alexandre Fortin, the Blackhawks signed Sunday should play in the first preseason game Wednesday against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

A big concern is still that will play on the first line with Jonathan Toews. Richard Panik and Nick Schmaltz are two possibilities - Schmaltz was on the left side during the Tuesday morning workout. He was primarily a center, but as it usually goes with the Blackhawks before must be versatile. But Bowman was not sure who would play there in the top left of the wing, or in other locations at this stage.

"I think it is difficult to give a direct answer to that because we have to see what Joel [Quenneville] think when it happens here, as well," said Bowman on Quenneville, who is always with Team Canada world Cup of hockey. "We have to see how they play in exhibition matches. But stability is good. I think I have a familiar online companion can help you in many situations. But as the year continues, sometimes things get obsolete or injuries occur. You must have the flexibility for different players to float in these roles. "

fun North America

Bowman himself recently returned from the World Cup of Hockey, where he was co-CEO of the North America team. This group has a tremendous amount of excitement in the tournament despite not move to the semifinal round.

"It was a blast to be part of this group. I had so much fun. You never know how it will go when you are first asked to be part of that, but we had a great time. It was the same treat to watch these guys in practice. "

Liking Forsling

Bowman liked what he saw of the defender Gustav Forsling, who is vying for a place on the list of the Blackhawks. Forsling could also return to the Swedish league.

"It was very impressive there [in Traverse City]. I thought at ease, poised, very talented both the transition of the offense, which plays. So there are many things to love there "said Bowman. "We will certainly see how it performs in these exhibition games. That benefited from go to Sweden? This is a great league, so if he does eventually return there, it will continue to grow his game. But we have not yet made that decision. We want to see how things are done here. "

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